What if?

Hey UNA community! This is an open question to everyone. 

What if we added categories for other social software platforms and apps here on UNA.IO - in discussions, posts, and Market? And also if we created Channels accordingly?

First, we want to support and transition Dolphin clients. Some would like to stay with Dolphin and some would have hybrid sites. Second, UNA itself is an integration platform and may be used alongside with Rocket.Chat, Wordpress, existing Drupal or Joomla installation, etc. Often webmasters switch back and forth, try integrated setups or focus on just one simple app. 

So, ideally we’d like to see UNA used as an integration platform, compatible with the Data Transfer Project and storing the user data, but allowing you to seamlessly try different software combinations, integrated via the Studio and UNA APIs. 

This would basically mean that we’d run this site more like a community of social website operators in general - not just one platform support ecosystem. We make friends here, connect with developers and webmasters with similar ambitions - we may as well be a more liberal about the platform choice. UNA following tools and Channels should allow for separation between interest subsets. 

How do you feel about opening the house to strangers?

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    • Strangers meaning others aside from us in the community? If so, wouldn't that taking a risk of spammers, haters to UNA and Dolphin platform? My opinion Andrew is to keep or stay away from trouble as much as one can, just saying. Maybe or I could be wrong but wouldn't that also open the door to malicious links?  We here all help and learn from each other. Now in these days you don't know who is who on the net. Just saying....

      • Good point. Wider audience would mean more trouble. By “strangers” I mean those who are building community sites, but may be more reliant on other software - like Rocket.Chat, Dolphin, even Elgg, SocialEngine, etc.

        Perhaps just products that have integrations with UNA could be allowed, but general point is to allow discussions like, say, asking for “help in setting up Discourse categories” or “Rocket.Chat performance issues” - something we’d usually throw back to the vendor support. 

        As for scale of UNA.IO activity, we’d welcome growth for sure as it allows us to test and improve the platform under more stressful conditions. On the other hand, we may lose some depth in UNA-focused discussions. 

        Just thinking out loud. 

        • It would make sense, but how would one know the new users/members are here to discuss development. Let's say umm 50 or more new members would join, each one were to post a link in a forum, that's 50 links that is floating around here, one of us clicks on the link and God knows what could happen. It's a tough decision, but you don't want UNA to have a bad reputation that it's full of spam and malicious links. Just saying. :/

          • Another issue is, right now you and the UNA team have a lot in your hands and a couple of us here perform testing and make a post here so that we can figure it out or a ticket is created over at github. We have a lot going on and the UNA team as well. I don't think it would be a good idea at this moment having to track or delete spam accounts/malicious software. 

            • I do not go much on Boonex.com, but the last time I was there was a few days ago, I saw things that really displeased me.
              When Will talks about hate, well what I saw is that in reality. I saw some stupid accusations about you personally Andrew.
              There are some people there who really do not like UNA and what worried me was when I saw the level of arguments ... low, very low. I can not help but think that Will is right.
              Now, I know that what I saw, I do not have to make it a generality, but ...
              But, you know I've never done much there, I've tried a few times, I've always been simply ignored by others. the atmosphere is not at all the same as here. I do not know why.
              I already said, I do not mind to repeat it, the atmosphere here is very very good, I like to come here people are really cool, and as Will says we help each other.
              You do not fear that clans will be created?
              I think for example, Linux-Windows, you know, some do not like many others ...
              You're the boss, just know that if the atmosphere deteriorates, I would go back to work alone in my corner, and I would regret the good time I spent here.
              One day, I heard you say that you should not want to do everything on a site. Hey, I'm listening carefully to what you're saying to me ;-)
              In summary, your idea does not really excel me to be honest ...

              • Personally I think that we have enough on our plate supporting the UNA community. I hear your idea around creating a hub for all social community builders, but I think UNA.IO needs to be UNA focused - perhaps another space, or sub-space could be dedicated to the broader conversation. Perhaps ONLINE.ME? New people to this community looking to establish their UNA site need a simple pathway in, I don’t think we should complicate it by adding in other products, at least not yet! Let’s get the quick start guide and onboarding support finished first! 

                • Thank you! I can absolutely see the point and it really helps to get a feel of how YOU perceive this place. I don’t pretend to know the right answer and respect every opinion. 

                  Yes, there is a bit of angry vibe happening on Boonex. That’s OK. The main (if not the only) takeaway I got from my university education was that any conflict should be treated as an opportunity. Often people protect their choice and justify it just because it’s theirs. That’s fine - you just need to observe and do the best you can to maximise positive outcome. 

                  So, I gather that for now popular vote is towards keeping UNA.IO specialised and ambient. Good. 

                  Keep sharing your vision . I am personally very open to group discussion of any and all ideas. Perhaps at some point we should issue some crypto token to make this project fully community-driven (and make a boilerplate for issuing your own tokens like that). 🧐

                  • While we may get information about how to integrate these applications to UNA that part of the idea is good. This is very important for me.

                    But nonsense people with zillions of nonsense comments may render here unusable.

                    • Yes, integrations are integral UNA success. I was wondering about discussions on those other apps specific issues, not just related to integrations. 

                      • Having integration tools in the market for other software is a very good idea :)

                         It is good for us and this may also  attract others who are in other platforms.

                        • The reason you invoked is right but maybe only partly. reading what I read about Boonex, I still wondered if some people were not just afraid of change.
                          By change, I especially want to say that some master perfectly Dolphin, and seem to be afraid to tackle getting to know Una they do not master at all.
                          I think, however, that one day, whether they want it or not, they will be forced to tackle it otherwise, tomorrow, after tomorrow, they will no longer be in the race.
                          I'm thinking particularly of a person, and I'm sure you know who.
                          After Rc10, I wonder if you should not make a nice demonstration video of UNA's capabilities. if you do it well it's useless to talk, the pictures will speak for themselves. They might be a good way to convince people to come and try for the irreducible.
                          I noticed that people who are against Una, have been from the beginning. I think they really have a misconception of who he is. Show them.

                          • I dont think it is good to discuss here about other apps. Only the integration to UNA to be discussed, better.

                            • Comment by unknown is hidden.
                              • Yes. That is definitely the case. As developers of both platforms we know the difference and the reasoning for all the improvements. I will be making that video right after the RC10. 

                                • I'd prefer for Una to gradually build everything 'in-house'.  Eventually have an app for what's most popular.  I don't know much about WeChat but from what I gather they seem to be doing good.  It would be amazing if Una was able to surpass the capabilities of WeChat but without the 'mobile payment' feature because only a select few would have the $ to request this feature and to run such a feature.   

                                  Here is a cut and paste description of WeChat from the wikipedia page:  

                                  "WeChat (Chinese: 微信; pinyin: Wēixìn; literally: "micro-message") is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. It was first released in 2011, and by 2018 it was one of the world's largest standalone mobile apps by monthly active users,  with over 1 billion monthly active users (902 million daily active users).  Described as one of the world's most powerful apps by Forbes, it is also known as China's "app for everything" and a "super app" because of its wide range of functions and platforms."

                                  p.s. I'm not that versed in the mobile world... so my contributing comment here may not have substance.  I don't mind making myself look like a fool from time to time.  :)

                                  • Yes, WeChat is the classic example of fully-vertical ecosystem. Very much like what we envision UNA to be, but as a platform for WeChat-like niche communities. 

                                    Integrations generally serve as a way to test waters and see what features are most needed. When we can we will always look to build UNA apps to cover the functionality in demand. Or would support developers creating such apps for UNA. 

                                    • What an amazing discussion it turned out to be. Very insightful. 🙏💪

                                      • I would have to agree with others as well. Keeping the UNA community for those who actually use and can help support UNA is the best way to go. All of the external social platforms you mentioned have their own support communities. You wouldn't go to Microsoft's support page to get help with fixing a problem on your Macbook laptop would you? 😏 

                                        I would suggest if you were to do anything, I would:

                                        1. Complete RC10 for UNA and deploy it. 
                                        2. Address any fixes/patches needed for Dolphin as promised to those who still use it, and deploy it.
                                        3. Stop all enhancement/feature development for both UNA and Dolphin
                                        4. Focus development on stabilizing UNA/Dolphin with any bug/security fixes needed. 
                                        5. Once, all of that has been completed, you could maybe consider integrating the BoonEx site into UNA. Have both platforms supported here at one site. I mean, they are both a product of BoonEx right?

                                        Maybe after all of that, you can start looking into adding additional features. But remember, just like with any product, the more features you create, the more problems you can create as well. Having extensive QA testing before releasing updates/features is critical. If the UNA/BoonEx team does not have the time or ability to test in a 'user mode' fashion, then pick some folks from here to test it out for you. 

                                        My 2 cents worth. 😁 

                                        • Just one cent from my side: please stay independent and open source as long as possible. Please do not mix your uniqueness with oldfashioned ideas. Please replace NON open source solutions (ex. google maps...) with open source ones (OSM and others...) and specialize on that. Stay to make it 'the better way round'. 

                                          What (I guess) people/users need, is an alternative to the very well known social media sharks. The majors, who say 'share economy' but have 'It's about Your money stupid' in their minds.

                                          I use this great UNA (after a learning and paying period with dolphin) for an austrian project called factbox.me 'facts instead of fake' as one of the slogans.  We have a far right governement since the last elections in oct 2017 and I'm preparing a community of civil rights and public involvement.

                                          One of my main arguments is: We have do setup our community in a new way, leaving mainstream ++. So we have to use alternative tools. --> UNA --> factbox.me

                                          So please set the focus on UNA until it's stable and bugfree, well documented and supported.

                                          • Nice contructive discussion, I like to read you guys :-)

                                            • Chris - I'd say that your 2 cents is worth a lot more than 2 cents! 

                                              • I know this is a late response, but I think that this is a good idea and it could attract more developers from different backgrounds to build creative apps for the UNA ecosystem. I would like to see more UNA integrations with Wordpress for hybrid sites. For example, maybe a developer who creates sitebuilders will make an app so our members can build their own websites within our UNA sites. Especially with so many Wordpress developers who are trying to get their plugins out there, this will give them an outlet.

                                                And you can also have Twitch api for gamers

                                                • Very true, Wordpress marketshare is huge and they have an army of eager developers.  WeChat - most people in the West don't know about it or of it's superiority in many aspects of user interface and usefulness.

                                                  There are also some really good ideas coming from the crypto community with regard to social media. Voice, for example. And Steem. Steem has already paid out $60 million to its users.

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