My Popularity

This app allows your members to easily track their popularity. Human beings always want to know:

  • who viewed them
  • who befriended them
  • who subscribed them
  • and so on

The app provides an easy way to do it. :)

It has the following features:

  1. "My Popularity" item in member's toolbar. It shows bubble with a counter of new viewers, subscribers, etc.
  2. "My Popularity" page allows to see "Who viewed me", "Who befriended me" and "Who subscribed me" in separate blocks. Block tabs 'today', 'this week' and 'all time' allow to check when some connection appeared.
  3. "Viewed me", "Befriended me" and "Subscribed me" blocks are also added on My Account page. So, admin can activate/deactivate any of them to make the info more accessible.

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