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HI all,
It appears to be a mystery ... or am I missing something.
The ability to feature a Group or Org seems to have disappeared from the drop down menu. The ability to favorite is there, but where has Feature Group gone?

Any thoughts or guidance here would be useful.

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When using Messenger and for internal video conferences, there may be time when one needs to invite Non SIte Members to join the conference / or simply due to problems Macbook users such as myself have recently faced where the video capability does not work from within UNA Platform (a problem we are working hard to resolve) but works when going directly to

The UNA Platform creates a meeting room in the format UNAe4d482566048ef7f22160c0c6fa3e4b4. 

What would be immensely helpful would be to have the option to display this meeting room ID (in the form shown above) appear in the Video Conference Started Notification Bar or Just before the Join Button in the messenger chat History.

That way the user has the option to share the Meeting room Id, or join directly via

 Just a thought and request.


Bernie O'Neill
Media R3ALM 

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I know this may be bit of pain to do but possibly this can be included in a future version.

Within Groups, Spaces etc, one has the ability to add a Popular Hashtags and [GROUP or SPACE] Categories block to the [GROUP or SPACE] in context page [GROUP or SPACE] of author page, the Popular Hashtags block and Categories block include all Hashtags and Categories. 

It would be useful to limit these to only categories and hashtags that exist with the context of that Group or Space, not include hashtags that may have no bearing on any published content within that [GROUP or SPACE].

At the moment a user can click on a category within a [GROUP or SPACE] that indicates that there are X number of posts/videos etc available and when they click on the category no results are returned as those pieces of content do not exist within the current Context. 

Even if the category remain but the content counter is updated that would also suffice.  As for Hashtags, I know this can be challenging due to the overhead this may cause on that page, so if I had a vote, Categories takes precedence.

This can and has caused some frustration amongst many of our users.

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In the Groups module (although I am yet to check this is the Spaces and Organization Module, although I suspect the same will apply to those modules) the new actions block exists on the home page so that if the cover is hidden, actions may still be performed by inserting the actions block on the page.

Some pages, such as bx_groups_fans (Members page) have the action block in the cover, but no ability to add an actions block on the page, so if the cover is hidden the user cannot perform any actions from that page. In order to do so he has to navigate to the groups home page.

The actions block should be available on all pages that have the actions in the cover section.

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The Studio Dashboard has a Notification Indicator that shows a Number.
The problem is there is no way to determine what the notification refers to. It may be useful to add a System Notification Section to the Dashboard.
That way UNA can add some semblance of a note to these notifications. What has been updated or needs to updated, new releases etc. Actions that need to be taken by the Operator(s). ...

Next Scheduled automatic system update time etc.

 eg. I have a 1 on the dashboard, but the Updates section is empty, all relevant updates have been applied.

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Now that an Actions block exists as an independent page block, it would be useful to be able to keep the cover but disable the actions within the cover and enable the actions block on the page.

A toggle on the page -> settings -> cover tab would be helpful.

I appreciate the the entire cover can be hidden, but this is not always desirable.

A toggle to hide the Page title in cover would also be useful.

I currently achieve both of these using a custom css (RAW) block on the page. 

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The Info Block for each item such as Group has Group Name, Category and Description visible by default in the Entity_Info block.
I assume for Groups as an eg. this is linked to the Forms -> Display -> Groups -> Full View Group or View Group.

Wishing to display Groups Privacy for example , enabling the Privacy Field with Security Policy set to everyone, should display the Privacy Field or any other Enabled Field in the associated Entity_Info Block.
This does not Appear to be occurring.

Does the Entity_Info block link elsewhere?

ps Hiding Description in Full View Group does hide the Description fro the Entity_Info block, but enabling Privacy does not show Privacy. Enabling Location, shows Location Correctly.

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One of the issues in UNA when using Groups / Spaces that are managed independently of Operators is that if a category does not exist that requires Site Operator Access.
It would be very useful to be able to have site Admins / Moderators to have the ability add a Category for Posts / Groups / Spaces etc., possible from a Settings Page Tab or similar.
It may also be useful if this feature is implemented to have a Categories Blacklist associated for each Module/App type or a General Blacklist.

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Under the Channels Module, the My Channels block is throwing up Duplicate channels from identical . See Attached.

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