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The Social Dilemma

This is really the film of our time. (The time being NOW).  If you scratch at the surface of any issues within the social fabric of today's society, the big tech & social media companies have a huge part to play in it, a complicit finger in every crisis.

This documentary takes a stark view of the current situation, with many Silicon Valley players sharing some cold truths on the modus operandi of Big Tech. I watched it last night, at the recommendation of a few friends, it's a huge wake up call, I'd recommend you watch it if you can.
As most of us here using UNA are in some way responding to this monopolisation of playing field and wilful corruption of the social fabric by these players - we no doubt have an interest here, and hopefully a big part to play in rectifying this disturbing imbalance.

The Social Dilemma is fairly compelling viewing for anyone in this game. 

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    • Hi Mark Purser, I saw it too and it really is the explanation to many things, I think there is a lot to tell yet but this documentary gives a good introduction to this great problem.

      Without a doubt, each one of us who follow and support an initiative of democratization of the social, like UNA, is contributing something to solve this big mess we have gotten ourselves into.

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