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UNA in 2020

It's merely a number - yet another year, just like any other year before it. Yet, somehow the roundness and neatness of the "2020" add to the perceived significance of what we must make of this "new" year. We are not even a week in yet, but globally 2020 is already worthy of history books. Zooming in to what we do as part of the UNA community, the year 2020 is will have to become a landmark moment too - the year of opportunity. 

Honeymoon is Over

UNA is a relatively new platform. The core system functionality took a while to develop, while the front-end modules and features have only had a couple of years to evolve and grow so far. In a way, this early period allowed us some freedom - we could iterate fast, add a lot with each update and sometimes get away with less-than-polished releases. After all, it was just the beginning. 

Now, however, we have a robust set of modules, active community and around 1,000 live sites running on UNA. The development has to shift priority from sheer feature-development pace to focused evolution in speed, security, reliability and user experience improvements. 

The honeymoon is over. Now is the time to strengthen the foundation and build on with full presence and responsibility. 

The World is Changing

Any change brings about great potential. The social media industry is changing faster than ever now. We see new large players emerging, the exodus from Facebook is real, and most importantly - more and more community-leaders realise that they don't have to give up control in the process of achieving their dreams. That is the wave we must ride. It's not even a matter of choice. It's a responsibility. 

UNA Mission

We build a tool that unites people. Our mission, ultimately, is to unite people by empowering community leaders. Here is why it is so important to us.

Every human person is a unique mix of interests, personal qualities, life circumstances, achievements and social connections. Just like our differences can distance us, our similarities can help us connect, unity and amplify shared impact. Moreover, most people are inherently good, kind and well-meaning. If we recognise that there is always something we have in common, something we can collaborate on, share and enjoy together, notwithstanding any disagreements, the world can quickly change to better. 

Internet is an excellent tool - a tool of unparalleled potential for social change and individual transformation. Unfortunately, most of the modern social media sharing and communication is concentrated into a handful of generic silos. Like super-markets, these giants took control and set their own generic rules of engagement for the majority of netizens. They substituted diversity with individual echo-chambers, which reflect and reinforce one's existing sentiments.

The raison d'être for UNA is not just about building a great community platform. It is about helping to unite people in diverse ways - build unique communities that drive subject-specific causes. 

2020 Goals

In 2020 we will further zoom in on this mission and will adjust our strategy accordingly. We plan to make initial deployment more accessible; offer trials and "pay-for-updates-only" modules pricing; build more for educational space and encourage original content publishing. 

As for the state of the platform itself, we'd like to change gears and prioritise revisions over new features. 2020 will be a year faster, more stable, more streamlined and user-friendly UNA. 

Stay connected.

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    • Думал новый релиз будет до 31.12.2019 но его все еще нет... Хотелось обновить систему с исправленными багами, но что то расстроил процесс развития cms (
      Очень медленно развивается... Катастрофически не хватает выпусков обновлений с критическими исправлениями багов.

      I thought the new release will be up to 31.12.2019 but its still no ... I want to upgrade the system with corrected bugs, but something has upset the development cms (
      Sorely lacking upgrades issues with critical bug fixes

    • Pay for updates only would be GREAT and definitely boost the sales 👍

      • 💪

        • Thanks Andrew, together this world is going change for the better.

          • "UNA is a relatively new platform."

            [edited out]

            • Geek Girl, I have to once again repeat that this forum is not a place for emotional outbursts. We appreciate and welcome your participation in discussions and help in servicing the community members, but when you need to raise an issue, you would have to do it in a respectful and professional manner. 

            • I would like to see the bug fixes above all else. The improvements and add ons are certainly nice to see but the bugs fixes are much more impotent to me.

              • Yes please fix bugs!

                • Bugs, please fix the bugs.

                  UNA would be great if the bugs were out of it and there was consistency in the way things render

                  • Canceled my subscription today because the bugs tbh, right now sticking with the old dolphin and paying outside developers makes more sense to me.

                    • dating solution pleas Andrew

                      • you are the best 

                        a little wish to the UNA Mission: in default sex settings queer woman man others

                        i know everybody can change that byself, but a lot humans didn t change the default 

                         quickly change to better 

                        love NOW

                        • @Andrew pls use strict ways for vendors. some are replying in week if at all..u know that great service is important over all

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