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We're taking steps toward success

I recently presented my UNA site at the State Convention to demonstrate what our group has invested in and how it could be used at the state level. The state board was very impressed! We had several groups enthusiastically embrace the site, and express their eagerness to invite their entire group to join our site. I believe I will be able to afford to create a fully functional site thanks to the support I received at the convention.
I wanted to share this news with the community, and to thank the developers for creating such an impressive and flexible software program! With UNA, I have been able to create something that's changed the way my group thinks about marketing and outreach. We're going to grow in membership together! Thank you!

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    • Hi that is great Btasey ! Thanks for the feedback, it means lots to us, inspiration to the UNA Dev Team and the wider community. Could you possibly share your site url (PM is fine) so I can take a peek at what you have done... Always curious :)

    • Thank you for sharing the good news. We have a lot to work on, but it does feel like we are coming out of this intial bulk of development where we had to put so many pieces together to make it all work. Now we can work on improvement, optimisation and tidying up. good times. 

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