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How Coronavisus (or any virus for that matter) may affect UNA community.

Regardless of anyone’s personal opinion about significance of the COVID-19 threat, the word is clearly stressed. More and more people are either self-isolating or are forced to stay at home and reduce physical social interaction. Businesses are suffering, stock markets collapsing and there is no end in sight. Or, perhaps, ”the end“ is not so much about the pandemic itself, but rather about accepting this virus as one of many illnesses our bodies are meant to deal with - yet another thing to be conscious of and that’s it. Perhaps, once we simply make friends with the idea that we have yet another reason to wash hands and eat healthy food, the whole hysteria would subside and we’d be able to move on, business as usual. 

Anyhow, in the meantime, while the fear of anti-utopian collapse of human socially is gripping is firmly, we must look at what it may likely mean for UNA platform development, business operatioms and most importantly - what it would mean for UNA webmasters running niche community sites. 

UNA DevOps

UNA is a private, bootstrapped company. We have no VC backing or corporate sponsors, so we have to make ends meet every month, in part by way of selling licenses and in part by providing custom implementation services. Naturally, if our clients become overly stressed financially we may have to wind down to some extent too. On the other hand, we are gradually coming to the point where the platform matures and with v11 we should have even better offering all around. We have a number of active ongoing projects, there new ones lining up and the interest is stronger than ever.

Furthermore, after UNA Altair (v11) final release we plan to switch to follow-up updates mode for a while to make the platform faster, more stable, more consistent - focusing on minor evolutionary improvements rather than huge new modules. This will gives us some breathing room to work on custom implementations more as well, and thus stay consistently profitable. 

In short, we will not back down.

UNA Communities

Networks running on UNA is another story. On one hand site operators may be in difficult financial position due to the shocked economy, but on the other hand we have a few positives:

  • Humans are still social beings who want to communicate, interact, discuss ideas, argue, share, watch and read. We may well see increased amount of time spent online, particularly using interest-based social networks. 
  • Many business would have to re-arrange their processes in favor of remote work, which would increase the demand for business/professional networking platforms and would generally make the “online” communication more normalized in the long-term. This will again increase the amount of time people spend using niche community sites. 
  • While global trade and travel systems are disrupted people will have to look towards more local options for entertainment, consumption and socializing. This opens an opportunity for specialized networks to develop their customer bases - organizing small-scale events, offering products and services with local delivery, engaging neighborhood communities, connecting people with local businesses, etc. 

Nobody really knowns what may happen in a few months or a few years. All we must do is apply our head, heart and hands to live each day the best way we can. As community leaders and idea people - it is up to us to lead the world from darkness to light.

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    • I see this as an opportunity for communities to be able to better serve people. One of the feedback I get from my app is that it's too slow. Any future plans to fix this?

    • Existence as it is right now is a matter of luck and chance. No need to regret anything! If this or any other virus kills off the human beings, then it means that it is their opportunity for colonizing the human system, just as human did the same when they realized that they could, even to their own species.

      The virus is a somebody, just as any human. It is using whatever little intelligence it has to multiply its species. If it fails in that conquest, then it lucked out and we lucked in. This is a game of luck and chance, all the way!

      Funny, how something that small and redimentary could scare the shit out of human beings!

      • Indeed. In part our success as species is thanks to being somewhat paranoid and organising in advance to compete against threats as a super-tribe. Homo-sapiens managed to prevail of other human-species, animals and most viruses mostly by way of creating and collectively believing in shared “stories” - religions, science, organisations, systems, models. That is our superpower.

        Now, whether we should succumb and make way for some other species to prevail is a whole ‘nother question. Personally, I believe that the meaning of life is that we are given it as divine gift, we have to live it and therefore we have to uphold it. In other words, we have to fight when it’s time to fight. 

        • In NYC it's a war zone, bunch of criminals roaming the streets.

        • We as humans should stop with the drama and keep moving forward, clean your hands and don't touch your face. Growing up here in the streets of NY, i drank water from the garden hose and played all day with cuts and bruises. Provide the proper apps for 10.1.0 on the market so we can download them and build our sites. It's very simple!

        • This is nothing no more than a perfect example of how people can be manipulated into a "panic mode" with the help of the mainstream media. In my opinion, this is just an unknown strain of the Flu. Most deaths (in the US at least) have been linked to the elderly and/or people with pre-existing conditions that were complicated by this. Well duh! If you already have medical conditions that affects your immune system and you get something like the Flu or Pneumonia, there is a good chance your body may not be able to fight off the infection thus, resulting in death.   

          You can call me crazy but I find it kind of odd that 10's of thousands of people die each year from the Flu but yet, you do NOT see the world closing down every damn thing and people going into a panic every Flu season. 


          And what in the hell is it with the toilet paper? Knock it off people!! According to to the symptoms below, it is "rare" to have Diarrhea with the Corona Virus. Hell, the Flu has more symptoms than the Corona Virus. 


          So what do our highly paid, highly intellectual people tell us to do in order to prevent this mysterious, scary, killer that can shut down the world??? Yep.. Wash your hands.. along with other common sense practices that most humans with a higher IQ than a head of lettuce already knows. Imagine that. You can save all of humanity just by common sense.. 


        • One roll!!! All I wanted was one roll!!!  WalMart 15 Minutes ago! 

        • Отличная статья, так держать. Не отступайте. Мы верим в вас. УНА - отличный проект для нашей реализации.

          • keep stay at home 3 weeks, after 4 April, its will disappear.

            • what about mobile app upgrade?

                • Speed improvement for una and better support ( now kinda slow)  the key to a succesful site.  For corona its been there we just need to always clean ourself and limit groups contact. Good thing there is internet we can still be productive.

                  • Lots of inconsistencies in this virus case and I see that everywhere we feed this paranoia. Each crisis needs a name, the previous one was the Subprime crisis, this one will be the Coronavirus crisis. I think that we will live difficult times, not because of the virus, it is only a revealer, the detonator of an economic bomb which is present for a long time. Central banks have long used up their ammunition to save what is not salvageable. I wonder to what extent this story is not the ideal pretext for openly assuming the bankruptcy of a breathless system, undermined by almost almost generalized corruption. We will see what follows, but in my opinion, it will be complicated. But the people who are here do not let themselves be put down quickly, we are fighters, I believe that whatever happens, we all hope to go towards a better world and we need a more serene future. So let's go!

                    • Any news on when the final version of 11 will be available?

                    • coronavirus is giving me the time to focus on my site here, finally! I'm way too busy of a person so it's been helpful.....

                      • Hello Andrew Boon , how are things evolving on this subject a few months later? From a health point of view, we know more or less, what we know less is how things will turn out economically. There, I believe it is possible that the worst is ahead. Is your activity greatly affected? How do you see the rest if you can predict? I ask this question because I have the impression of a drop in activity here since this damn virus. You are not very active, Mark either, vacation, motivation to drift, or minimum service? Can we help, do something? In short, how is life?

                        • I missed this comment, sorry. Now is a good time to respond anyway. We are busier than ever. mostly with custom builds, but overall interest is higher than usual, and we still don’t do any advertising or marketing really. What may seem like a lower activity is just that - we are all overbooked with tasks working on new modules and custom projects. This is resulting in the upcoming v12 having a whole lot of new features and optimisations. 

                          Still, I miss making regular videos and engaging with the community here more, so I think I’ll get back to it again from next week as I am getting some openings. 😏

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