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Help Modzzz to recover from Hurricane Dorian

Modzzz is one of the most experienced and respected developers, known for his top class Dolphin modules and modifications, and now working on UNA apps as well. He lives in the Bahamas, which recently went through severe devastation by Hurricane Dorian. 

Modzzz and his family suffered significant losses. We call for this community to chip-in and help, if you can, by sending donations via PayPal to jeromemingo@gmail.com

As a community we all work together, perusing both individual and common goals. Some of us are particularly committed, brining consistent contributions by way of testing, sharing ideas, developing new components, providing services and answering questions. Modzzz is well known for doing it for years, so, in a way, consider this support as a token of appreciation as well as small investment, helping the guy who’s work is very likely to be a part of the reason for your current or future success. 

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