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100 D-Days Challenge

Today, we are starting a 100-day challenge to update and expand UNA CMS documentation. This is an open challenge for us. We are committed to completing it, and we ask you, the UNA community, to hold us accountable.


  • UNA Documentation is poor. It’s outdated and very limited. We need to make it exceptional. Not just OK, or good… it should be amazing.
  • We are tuning an AI model to provide support for UNA operators and developers. A good model requires up-to-date reference data.
  • As we work on the Docs, we test everything thoroughly. In 100 days, we should have a stable release of UNA 14 ready, and this time around, it must be very well-tested.
  • With community involvement, we will be able to not just write docs, but identify problems and work out new solutions.


  • Every day of the next 100 days, including weekends, we will publish or update at least one new Docs page. On good days, we may be able to do more than one.
  • Every day, we will start a discussion related to the published Doc and invite the community to suggest edits, ask questions, critique, and share opinions on the subject.
  • Before publishing any new page, we will incorporate all relevant and useful updates posted in discussions into previously published docs.

If you have recommendations for specific pages that need updating, or requests for docs on any specific topic, please post in replies to this discussion.

It’s ON!

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Comments (4)
    • As a new Una user, I strongly support this plan. Your efforts are welcome and valued :)

      • Yay, so happy that you're working on documentation! As I've been learning UNA I've been thinking that this app would be so much more accessible (and get more users!) with better documentation. I have had to simply install it, and keep turning things off and on again, and make a bunch of test profiles and test posts all over the place just to figure out what all the settings do!

        Right now I have a deadline by which I need to complete all the basic areas of our UNA site (April 13-14), but when that is complete (and after I take a couple week break lol), if you are interested, I would love to contribute by helping with writing documentation and tutorials. I have a "Guide to UNA" written already that's designed to explain basic concepts to a brand new user with zero technology experience. It's very tailored to our community - and it talks about differences between UNA and Wordpress since we migrated from Wordpress to UNA - but would be easy to adapt!

        I can't post links but here's a preview:

        image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1854&dpx=1&t=1710936905I have just gotten our community site to the point where it's ready for people to join, with customized membership levels, and profiles and discussions are fully operational, and I'm really impressed with how tiny the list of CSS code I had to write is so far!

        • Great news.

          A good way to keep us coming back.

          Michel - Meta-Travel Community Hub

          • I so love this ....when will you guys stop make us so excited, lol. Excellent!!!!!

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