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UNA 10 RC1 Released

The first Release Candidate for UNA 10 is here. There are some fairly notable improvements as well as 34 bugfixes in this iteration. 

We are very close to final release now, so anyone still on v9 is best to wait until the v10 final to update directly instead of switching to the beta-update channel. 

What's new in 10.0.0-RC1

  • Individual privacy groups 
  • Notifications for comments actions (likes, reactions, votes)
  • Reactions in comments 
  • Notifications for reactions in Timeline 
  • and other smaller enhancements
  • 34 bugfixes

This update is already pushed to all UNA sites using the beta-updates channel. If you'd like to download the package and update patch or review the source code, please refer to the UNA 10RC1 release page.

About the Individual Privacy Groups

IPG is a significant new system feature allowing for ad-hoc creation of custom privacy groups. Now when a user is publishing a content item like a post or a discussion, and choosing who can see the post they can opt for "Selected Friends..." or "Selected Relationships...". Thus, the content item can be shared with a custom combination of friends, or a combination of pre-defined lists of users (relationship lists). Selections are made for each case individually. 

Feedback needed

Please, test this RC and let us know if you encounter any issues. The team is in a full-force bug-busting mode, so let's use this to make the v10 clean, fast, smooth and sweet. Once you have applied and tried the update, please vote in the attached poll. Thank you!

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Comments (18)
    • Everything works great.

      • I did notice that the date of installation for RC1 isn't updating. Doesn't the date coordinate with installation of each release?

        • It seems to me that it has always been the date of the first installation. Now that you point it out, I think it would be interesting to have both. 1. Installed - 2. Last updated the - two useful information I think. In this regard, perhaps it would be nice to have an option to display the current version for members somewhere, so that they say to themselves, oh there is something new on the site. What do you think ?

          • I am pretty sure it is related to the initial installation date of UNA itself. I do think however, the date should reflect the update or both. It would give better information as to when an update that was installed and could have possibly caused a system crash or problem with the script. This would allow better recovery of site and data backups.

            • Exactly for this purpose.

            • Otherwise I very much appreciate the latest changes, finally we now have three complete voting systems with notifications and that work well, everything is modular at will, it's really great. I think we can already say, another big step in the life of UNA. Congratulations and thank you, it's a good job, really!

            • Everything seems to be going good for me so far. Thank you for taking care of the reaction/like notifications for the Timeline module!! 

              • I installed UNA via TMD Hosting (Recommended host). None of the modules are working, it says I have to upgrade. Upgrade available for v10 RC1 so proceeded to upgrade. New upgrade version saying 9.0.1 and the modules still aren't installing as incompatible.

              • My upgrade went well too.

                • Upgrade went fine.  The only issue is the website logo is now text.  The logo is there in Protean settings but doesn't show up on website header.  I deleted logo then re-uploaded it and still not there.  This happened after upgrade.

                  • I figured it out.  After the upgrade, the logo was removed in the "Designer" app, not the "Protean" theme app.  I was try to upload logo in "Protean".  Once uploading logo again in "Designer" app, it now appears.

                    • This is due to the style set reset which Anton mentioned. We added a ‘publish’ feature to styles builders in templates and the default style was reapplied to all sites. It should be enough just to set your old style as default again. 

                    • Upgrade to RC1 went well with on exception.  The timeline update failed. I do have the option to force update in settings.


                      • well i had trouble trying to get it to update on a plus side i learned how to manually install version 10.0.0-RC1 👍 

                        • @ Molosser Dogs yea i can't get the timeline to install even though i downloaded it also a few others but i was able to install like 60-65% of the Free to download core apps Edit:: Others include channels,discussions,notifications,posts,profiler,and as stated up above timeline but every other app installed fine

                          • The upgrade is not working for me. I can see the files are downloaded to tmp, but the upgrade log isn't showing any new updates for RC1. 



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