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2FA authentication

2FA, or two-factor authentication is a way of adding additional security on your account. The first "factor" is your usual password that is standard for any account, the second is a code retrieved from smartphone. It is conceptually similar to a keycode device you may have to use when logging into internet banking.

To turn on 2FA authentication needs:

  • add your account on Twilio (see Settings > Twilio on /unaio/una/wiki/Accounts-Settings )
  • activate the Enable 2FA option on the settings page [/ unaio / una / wiki / Accounts-Settings]

After this is done, the authentication process on the site will be as follows:

  1. Login and password are entered.

  1. If the phone for the profile was not previously specified, then you need to enter the phone number and receive an SMS with the authorization code on it.

  1. Enter the authorization code received on the phone or request the code again if it was not received.