Getting Started







Version Update

Auto-Update Enabled

If you have auto-update enabled, your site should be updated within 24 hours.

Manual Updates

If you are using manual updates, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Studio > Dashboard and click/tap Upgrade.
  2. After your system is updated (usually within a minute), go to Studio > Apps Market > Updates and apply all available module updates. Please note that if you don't have paid license then only free modules updates will appear here, please check Purchases tab before applying updates it should list all you paid modules.
  3. After all updates are applied, reload the page and apply any remaining updates for the same module until there are no more updates available on this page.
  4. Repeat 1-3 steps for each system update. So after each system update from Dashboard, go to Apps Market and apply all modules updates.

Update Settings

You can enable/disable automatic updates in Studio > Settings > System > Site Settings > Enable auto-update.

To force auto-update, even if some files were modified, enable the following setting: Studio > Settings > System > Site Settings > Force auto-update, even if some files were modified This will allow updates to work if less than 5% of files are modified.

Merging Changes Manually

If more than 5% of files are modified, it's better to merge changes manually to avoid problems with the update. Alternatively, if you want to overwrite any changes you've made in the source code, change the following line in inc/classes/BxDolInstallerUtils.php file:




Then, try to upgrade UNA or modules as usual.

Update Channels

There are several update channels - stable and beta. By default, stable is used. You can change the update channel in Studio > Developer > Settings > Update channel. If the Developer module can't be installed, you can change the update channel by running the following SQL query:

UPDATE `sys_options` SET `value` = 'beta' WHERE `name` = 'sys_upgrade_channel';

Afterward, clear the DB cache in Studio > Dashboard > Cache block.