Getting Started








With this section you can manage regional and language settings.


On the configuration page, you can see the following settings:

  1. Default Language - you can select the default language, in the list there are all the language packs installed. Language packs can be installed as well as other apps according to
  2. Date Format - the displayed date format
  3. Time Format - the displayed time format
  4. Datetime Format - the displayed Date and Time Format
  5. Use 'time ago' format for dates less than this number of seconds - the number of seconds before the expiration of which 'time ago' format is displayed, for example "2 hours ago". If this value is exceeded, the simple datetime format is displayed.


This page contains language keys for all installed apps. At the top of the section, you can select the app you are interested in or search for a line in all installed apps.

For each key, the following actions are possible

  1. Add key
  2. Edit key
  3. Delete key


This page presents the email content for all modules installed in the system.

You can edit the contents of each of the letters.

  1. System Name - internal name of the message. Appears only in the studio.
  2. Subject - Subject of the letter
  3. Body - content of the letter. It can contain various macros in {}, for example {site_name}. Macros values ​​may vary for different apps.

Email template

On this page you can edit header and footer for email sent by the system. You can add a logo or corporate style to all letters. Macro substitutions {site_name}, {about_us}, {unsubscribe} are possible in the text.