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Mobile-First User Experience

UNA is built for a mobile-first user experience, considering most social networks are accessed via mobile devices. The Web UI is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, while the API allows for custom and native web app development.

Extensive Configuration with Studio

The configuration layer is separate from administration, and Studio offers an extensive no-code approach to configuration changes. This allows for greater flexibility and customization without affecting the core system.

Maintainable Upgradability

UNA addresses the common issue of web platforms becoming unupgradeable when modified. With UNA, most modifications can be done in isolated modules without affecting the core system, ensuring seamless version updates.

Scalability for High-Concurrency Loads

UNA is designed to be professionally scalable and optimized to power multi-million user bases and handle high concurrent loads. All system parts can be scaled and optimized as needed to ensure reliable performance.

Independent Operation

UNA can be installed and run on-premises without any dependence on the UNA team or any specific service. Connections to UNA servers are needed only to access module version updates, ensuring autonomy and control over your installation.

Community-First Development Bias

All decisions on functionality, development, distribution, and custom services consider the well-being of the wider community as the highest priority. This community-first approach ensures that the needs and interests of users are always at the forefront of UNA development.

Modularity and Extensibility

UNA is built with a modular architecture, enabling developers to easily extend and build upon the existing functionality. This encourages customization and fosters a collaborative ecosystem around the platform, empowering developers and agencies to create tailored solutions for their communities.

Robust Security

Security is a top priority in UNA's design and development. The framework implements best practices for secure coding and follows industry standards, ensuring that communities built on UNA are safe and protected from potential vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Documentation and Support

UNA provides extensive documentation, covering various aspects of the framework, API, and development best practices. This helps developers and agencies quickly learn and adapt to the platform. Additionally, the UNA community offers a strong support network, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Active and Engaged Community

The UNA community is diverse and engaged, comprising developers, agencies, and community operators. This active community contributes to the platform's continuous growth, ensuring that UNA remains an optimal choice for building independent communities.

Open Standards and Interoperability

UNA is built on open standards, which promotes interoperability with other platforms and services. This ensures that communities can easily integrate with existing systems and take advantage of new technologies as they emerge.

Performance Optimization

UNA is designed with performance in mind, implementing efficient algorithms and caching mechanisms to ensure fast, responsive experiences for users. The framework is also built to scale horizontally, allowing for seamless expansion as communities grow.