Getting Started








This App is needed to customize some critical visual parts of the script. It has seven sections (tools):

Template manager (General)

This section allows you to see all available (installed and activated) templates with their additional info, preview any of them and select default one.

This tool allows you to upload Logo image and specify ALT text for it. 'Logo Width' and 'Logo Height' is needed to resize uploaded image to fit the default layout better. 'Logo Text' serves as ALT text for logo image or is used as a logo text when logo image wasn't uploaded. Note. Some templates allows to uload their own logo images. For example, Protean and Decorous templates -> Styles section -> Header subsection -> 'Logo Image' and 'Logo Text' fields. If you use such template and uploaded a logo image there, then the Designer's logo will be ignored in this template.

Site Icon

This tool allows you to upload an image which will be used as site icon. UNA automatically creates a number of copies with different sizes to suit different purposes better, for example, for Apple Touch devices, for Facebook share, for Favicon . Therefore it's recommended to upload an image with big enough size.


This tool allows you to upload default cover images for common pages and profile units. It's recommended to upload images with big enough size: at least 2000px in width for pages cover and 300px - for profile unit cover. Default pages cover uploaded here can be overwritten with a cover image uploaded for the exact page via Studio -> Pages builder. In the same time profile unit cover will be overwritten if profile owner upload his own image for profile cover.


UNA has built in splash page which can be enabled and customized here. Note. You need to write a valid HTML code otherwise the layout will be broken.


This tool can be useful if you need to include some 3d party JavaScript code like counter, analyzer, etc. on all pages at once. Injections can be inserted in HEAD (before closing HEAD tag) and BODY (before closing BODY tag) sections. Note. Follow the instructions provided for 3d party code carefully. Incorrect JavaScript code can break scripts all over the site.


This section allows to change design related settings.