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How can I get a quote for custom work by an experienced developer for my community?

We offer custom implementation services and would be happy to discuss options in more detail. Click here to book a call with us.

Do I have to pay for Premium membership on UNA.io?

Yes. We collect a small fee for Premium membership which protects the community from spam and fraudulent registrations - upgrade here.

Is a hosting server part of the free UNA version?

We offer a free version of UNA, but we do not and cannot offer free servers unfortunately. UNA Cloud is based on dedicated cloud instances and we are billed immediately on deployment. We therefore cannot afford to give out free servers.

How do I change the "Privacy Policy" and "Terms Of Use" pages?

Go to Studio > Polyglot > Keys.

  • For "Privacy Policy" search for _sys_page_lang_block_privacy
  • For "Terms Of Use" search for _sys_page_lang_block_terms

Click the "Edit" button and update the text for all languages.

You can also use free and paid online generators for this text, such as

The copyright is visible when you hover the mouse over the copyright symbol in the bottom right corner of your UNA site. You can change the text which is shown when hovering in Studio > Polyglot > Keys > Search for "_copyright" then edit the found strings.

How do I generate a Google Maps API Key?

Go to https://console.developers.google.com/ and create a new project. When a new project is created, (select it if it isn't selected automatically) go to Credentials > Create Credentials > API Key, copy created API key and insert it in UNA Studio > Settings > General > Google Maps API Key. Then go to the Library:

Then enable the following APIs:

  • Google Maps JavaScript API
  • Google Maps Geocoding API
  • Google Static Maps API
  • Google Places API Web Service

Additionally, according to recent changes, you also need to add a Billing Account to your project:

How do I manually reset the password?

Run the following SQL query:

UPDATE  `sys_accounts` SET  `password` = SHA1(CONCAT(MD5('new_password'), `salt`)) WHERE `email` =  'account@email.here' LIMIT 1;

Replace account@email.here with the account email you want to change the password for, and replace new_password with your new password.

How do I manually create an Operator?

Join as a new member, and when joining only create an account without creating a profile.
Then run the following SQL query to make the joined account an Operator:

UPDATE  `sys_accounts` SET  `role` = 3 WHERE `email` =  'just-joined@email-address.here' LIMIT 1;
INSERT INTO `sys_std_roles_members` (`id`, `account_id`, `role`) VALUES (NULL, 'REPLACE_WITH_ACCOUNT_ID, '1');

Then continue to create a profile.
As a result, you will have an Operator account with access to the Studio and an Administrator profile with admin rights on the site.

How do I change cover images?

The default cover image on all pages can be changed in:
Studio > Designer > Cover

Images on individual pages can be changed in the Pages Builder:
Studio > Pages > select desired page > Settings > Cover

Note that some pages can override any of these images, such as the Profile page, if a cover image is uploaded by a user.

How do I add the custom meta-tag to the HEAD section of all pages?

It may be needed to confirm site ownership in different services, like Google, Pinterest, etc.

Go to:
Studio > Designer > Injections

Paste your meta-tag in <HEAD> injection field, then press "Submit"

How do I reset my UNA license after a domain change?

  1. Login to your una.io account
  2. Go to Dashboard > Licenses
  3. Reset the desired license on the licenses page
  4. Login to your UNA site
  5. Go to your site Studio > Apps Market > Purchases > Download any app to associate your UNA license with your site

During step 5 your license is associated with your site key&secret.

Where can users update payment information (e.g. credit card) for their subscription?

Go to Dash > Subscriptions > Click on the "Cog" button for the desired subscription > Change Billing Info

How do I change my UNA site URL?

Edit inc/header.inc.php file, the following string:

define('BX_DOL_URL_ROOT', 'http://example.com/path-to-una/'); ///< site url

Then clear /cache/ and /cache_public/ folders (leave only .htaccess file there)

What should an UNA cronjob look like?

UNA cronjob should run every minute and look like this:

* * * * * /path/to/php /path/to/una/periodic/cron.php

You can see if it's running properly by going to: Studio > Dashboard > Host Tools > Server Audit
The last cron jobs execution value should be within a minute from your local time.

How do I use my gmail.com email to send messages in UNA?

You need to install the 'SMTP Mailer' module first. Use the following settings in 'Studio > SMTP Mailer':

  • Enable SMTP Mailer: true
  • SMTP Authentication: true
  • SMTP Username: your Gmail email
  • SMTP Password: your Gmail password
  • SMTP Server Name: smtp.gmail.com
  • SMTP Server Port: 587
  • Secure Connection: TLS
  • Allow self-signed certificates: false
  • 'From' Name: your site name
  • Override Default Sender: your Gmail email

Change values in bold to your own. Please note some limits apply on how many emails can be sent per a certain period of time.

If you get the "Sign-in attempt was blocked" error, then go to the Google security settings page and allow the "Less secure app access" option.

How do I configure Amazon S3 storage?

By default Local storage is used, which means that uploaded files are stored in the storage/ folder. It's possible to use remote storage such as Amazon S3 to store files remotely (which has many advantages, such as unlimited storage, reduced load on your web-server and the ability to have multiple web-server instances which are using the same remote storage).

To configure it you need to enter the required credentials in Studio > Settings > Storage.

NOTE: It's recommended to change this setting on a clean UNA installation. When changing storage from Local to S3 and back, it will change storage for modules which don't have any files uploaded. If there already are any files uploaded, then they need to be moved to another storage manually. If you moved files manually, then you need to change storage manually in the DB in sys_objects_storage table, engine field, for all records which were moved to another storage.

How do I use Likes instead of Reactions?

Reactions were created in addition to previously used Likes. If you prefer to not use Reactions with a number of choices you may disable them and enable Likes instead. For example, if you want to do this in the Posts app then do the following: Go to Studio -> Navigation -> Select Posts app -> Select View Actions menu, disable Reaction and enable Vote (for).