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To manage modules, or apps, in UNA Studio there is the widget Apps.
The widget has 5 menu items that lead to the pages this widget is divided into.
When entering any of these pages, you will be asked to log into your UNA account for synchronization.
As soon as you click the respective link and successfully log into your UNA account, you will be taken back to the Studio.
These pages and their purpose are listed below:

1. Storefront.

This page shows the Latest modules by default but you can enlarge this list by clicking the link See All Modules.
You will see both available and downloaded modules here.
On the Storefront page you can download free modules or buy paid ones.
Paid modules can be bought by clicking the button with the module's price on it.
After you click this button, the module will be added to your shopping cart that can be found on the Checkout page.
After successful purchase, the button with the module's price will be substituted with the button Download.
A downloaded module will appear on the page Downloaded.

2. Purchases.

This page lists all the modules you have bought.

3. Updates.

On this page you can check your installed modules for updates.
This should be done periodically if the Autoupdate of the modules was switched off.
To check if it's switched on, go to the Settings widget -> System page -> Site Settings drop-down item -> check the Apps auto-update setting.

  • If the Updates page is empty, this means that you have all your modules are up-to date.
  • If you see a list of available updates, you can install any of them by clicking the button Install under the update's description. Depending on your server settings, the update will be downloaded and installed immediately or this action will become planned.
  • If some problem occurred during update installation, you will see a pop-up window with the error description. In case the update was planned, you will get a notification about the error on your email.
  • The updates that were downloaded but were not installed because of some reason can be found and reinstalled on the page Downloaded under the Updates section. To install the update, find it in the list of available updates and click the Install button under the update's description.

4. Checkout.

This is your shopping cart from where you can buy the modules which you chose to purchase.

5. Downloaded.

On this page you can install downloaded modules or delete already installed ones.
Here you can also install available updates that were not installed automatically.