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Installation Requirements

This document provides an overview of the necessary prerequisites and configurations to ensure a smooth and successful installation of the UNA Community Software.

  1. PHP Version: UNA requires PHP 7.4. Please note the following version requirements for older UNA releases: PHP 5.6 is required for versions before 13.0.0-B2, PHP 5.5.10 for versions before 10.0.0-B1, and PHP 5.5.0 for versions before 9.0.0-RC7. Ensure your server environment is running the appropriate PHP version.
  2. allow_url_fopen: This configuration option must be enabled to allow PHP to access remote files through URLs. This is essential for proper operation of various UNA modules.
  3. allow_url_include: This option must be disabled to prevent security risks associated with including remote files in your PHP scripts.
  4. short_open_tag: This setting must be enabled to allow for the use of short PHP opening tags in UNA code.
  5. memory_limit: Your server's PHP memory limit should be set to at least 128MB to ensure optimal performance and functionality.
  6. disable_functions: Certain PHP functions should not be disabled, as they are required for proper operation of the UNA platform. Ensure that the following functions are not disabled: shell_exec, eval, assert, phpinfo, getenv, ini_set, fsockopen, chmod, parse_ini_file, readfile, escapeshellcmd, fput, and popen.
  7. Required PHP Modules: The following PHP modules must be enabled for UNA to function correctly: curl, gd, mbstring, json, fileinfo, zip, openssl, and exif.
  8. MySQL Version: MySQL 5.5.3 or higher is required for UNA installations starting from version 9.0.0-RC5.
  9. Web Server: Apache-compatible or Nginx web servers are recommended for UNA installations. Other web servers may require special configuration for rewrite rules.
  10. Ffmpeg Binary: The Ffmpeg binary must be installed and allowed to run on your server, as it is essential for media processing within the UNA platform.
  11. Cron Jobs: Your server must have the ability to set up cron jobs with a one-minute interval. This ensures that scheduled tasks are executed correctly and at the appropriate times.

By ensuring that your server environment meets these requirements, you can successfully install and run the UNA platform, creating a robust and engaging online community tailored to your needs.