Getting Started







Installation Requirements

This document outlines the necessary system and software prerequisites for installing UNA Community Software to ensure a smooth and successful setup.

Software Requirements

PHP Version

  • For UNA 14 and newer: Supports PHP versions from 7.4 up to 8.2.
  • For UNA 13: Added support for PHP 8.1.
  • Specific PHP versions for older UNA releases:
    • PHP 5.6 is needed for versions before 13.0.0-B2.
    • PHP 5.5.10 for versions before 10.0.0-B1.
    • PHP 5.5.0 for versions before 9.0.0-RC7.
  • Ensure your server environment runs the appropriate PHP version based on your UNA version.

PHP Configuration

  • allow_url_fopen: Must be enabled to allow PHP to access remote files through URLs.
  • allow_url_include: Must be disabled to prevent security risks from including remote files.
  • short_open_tag: Must be enabled for short PHP opening tags.
  • memory_limit: Set to at least 192MB for optimal performance.
  • disable_functions: Functions like shell_exec, eval, assert, phpinfo, getenv, ini_set, fsockopen, chmod, parse_ini_file, readfile, escapeshellcmd, fput, and popen should not be disabled.

Required PHP Modules

  • The following PHP modules must be enabled for UNA: curl, gd, mbstring, json, fileinfo, zip, openssl, exif.


  • MySQL: Version 5.5.3 or higher is required, with MySQL 8 supported.
  • Compatible Databases: MariaDB and other MySQL-compatible databases can be used.

Web Server

  • Recommended: Apache-compatible or Nginx web servers are recommended. Other web servers may require special configurations for rewrite rules.

Additional Requirements

  • Ffmpeg Binary: Essential for media processing, must be separately installed (on other than Linux OS) and allowed to run on the server.
  • Cron Jobs: The server must be capable of setting up cron jobs with a one-minute interval for scheduled tasks.