Getting Started








If you plan to sell goods via your site and/or allow your members to do it then Snipcart integration module will help you to do this.

First of all if you are a seller you should register Snipcart account here. Snipcart has two separate and totally isolated environments: Test and Live. You may use Live UNA site connected to Live environment and Test UNA site connected to Test one at the same time. Don't be afraid environments are completely isolated and test orders won't appear in Live environment. In the same time the environments are equal in behaviour. So, lets configure the Test environment and when it's needed you'll be able to easily do the same for Live one or even transfer all configuration settings from Test environment to Live one.

  1. Login into your Snipcart account and switch to Test environment using "Live <-> Test" switcher in the top.
  2. Get your Test API Key. You need to go to Account -> API Keys page. Note. Sometimes the first box on the page which shows the API Key may have truncated key. If you see ellipsis (...) in the end of the key then it's truncated. In this case it would be better to take the key from the second box which contains the HTML code. You may find a key in the second line of the code in data-api-key parameter. Copy the key and paste it in UNA User end -> Snipcart Shop -> Settings -> "API Key (test)" field. Don't forget to select test mode in the same form -> "Mode" field. "API Key (live)" field can be left empty while you are in a test mode.
  3. Register your site's domain. Snipcart performs data validation before placing an order to avoid a possibility that the price or some other important options can be changed with a developer tool like Chrome Developer Toolbar. Validation is performed for registered domain names only. So, you need to register your site's domain name in your Snipcart account. It can be done on Account -> Domains & URLs page. You may add any number of domains with necessary protocols (HTTP and/or HTTPS) there.
  4. Now you are ready to create Store items via UNA User end -> Plus (+) Menu -> New Goods.