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Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day (QOD) App display a quote from any source on the site. Updating the daily quotes occurs once a day automatically or manually as described below.

Install & Config

First of all you need to install QOD App via Studio -> Apps Market. When the App was installed you need to find QOD App in the Studio home page and open it. On the configuration page, you can see the following settings:

  1. Source - select the source for the quotes. Possible options:
  • Internal List - the list of qoutes filled manually, the sequence of actions will be described below.
  • RSS feed - qoutes will be taken from an external rsy source, from the description tag.

Perhaps both separate use of these sources and joint. In the latter case, the data will be joined.

  1. Url of external RSS feed - If you select RSS feed as the source, then in this setting you need to specify the URL of the RSS feed that you want to use. For example
  2. Max number of items from RSS - feed - If you specified RSS feed as the source, you need to specify the maximum number of fedd items that will be used as the source. The rest of the data in the RSS feed will be ignored.
  3. Quote of the Day selected by - the method by which the quotation of the day will be determined. Possible options:
    • By random - randomly from the entire list.
    • By order - in order from the list.

It should be kept in mind that when you change the Source settings, Rss feed, Quote of the Day selected by, you select a new quote of the day according to the changed settings.

Internal quotes list management

In order to control the quotation of citations, you need to click on the "Quotes list" link on the settings page of the app. On this page you will be able to use the following functions

  1. Add quote
  2. Edit quote
  3. Delete quote
  4. Enable / Disable quote. If the quote is disable that it can not be selected by the quote of the day
  5. Make a quote of the day

Display on page

In order to display a quote of the day on the site page

  1. Go to Studio -> Pages.
  2. Select the section, for example Posts,
  3. Select the page, for example Posts Home.
  4. Click on the Add Blocks button.
  5. In the list on the left, choose Quote of the Day
  6. In the appeared list on the right again choose Quote of the Day