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Date time handling

UNA is using different approach for storing and displaying date and time. The main advantages of this system:

  • timezones support
  • user don't need to bother with timezone settings
  • exact and relative time
  • real-time updates for relative time
  • one universal date/time format
  • HTML5 time support
  • allow search engines to understand the date/time

When time is displayed it is wrapped in <time> HTML5 tag, then it is formatted according to the current settings using JS. As the result current user timezone (which is set in the OS) is used - no need to set timezone in UNA. Since JS is used it updates relative time in real time, so 2 minutes ago changes to 3 minutes ago and so on. The use of <time> tag allows search engines to know the exact date and time.

To take advantages of new date/time system in UNA, developers need to do the following simple things:

  • store date/time values as unix timestamp only
  • for displaying date/time always use bx_time_js($iUnixTimestamp, $sFormatIdentifier = BX_FORMAT_DATE, $bForceFormat = false) function

Date/time related settings are in UNA Studio > Polyglot. Date/time format for UNA is powered by Moment.js