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UNA 12 Webinar #3 (re_recording)

  1. Location field improvements, integration of non Google services
  2. Pinned comments
  3. Rateable form fields
  4. Privacy for form fields
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Comments (5)
    • Thanks for all the information Andrew

      • This Webinar actually helped me to understand better the location field. Thanks a lot. Also thanks for the Privacy for form field, It's a very important feature. The pinned comments and the rateable field will improve the community engagement. Thanks.

        • By the way, Andrew, in the webinar I see that in the Location settings, you left the field 'Nominatim email to identify requests' empty. But on the OSM page on github it says:

          'If you are making large numbers of request please include an appropriate email address to identify your requests. See Nominatim's Usage Policy for more details.'

          So if we had to fill out this fied with an email address, should we enter whatever email address or should that email address be registered somewhere on the OSM server or website first? Thanks

          • How can we change the Visibility icon?  I think an eye icon would be more appropriate than a world icon.
            Very useful video by the way, thank you.

            • Andrey Yasko is there a way to only request the city (as with Google) instead of 6 fields? I only need to know the city where the person lives.

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