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System Apps

System Apps are essential UNA platform components. They are always present in Studio and cannot be uninstalled or deactivated.


Displays brief information about UNA platform version, available updates, disk space utilisation, status of host tools (PHP, MySQL, Webserver) and cache load (with ability to clear caches).


General site and platform settings, as well as aggregated settings of other installed UNA Apps.


Direct access to stored user files and images.


Change site logo, cover image, splash screen, enable splash (gateway) page, choose default design template and add code injections.


Pages provide a powerful way to control what is displayed on your site, to whom and how. Edit pages from all UNA apps, set layouts, edit blocks, set visibility settings for both blocks and pages, input SEO parameters, change URLs, upload individual page covers and create custom pages with your own blocks and content.


Forms app gives control over the composition of forms and form displays created by other apps. One form (i.e. Account) can have multiple displays (i.e. Create Account, Edit Account, Delete Account, etc). Each display may include all or some of the form fields. Data lists (i.e. Countries, Categories, Languages) are collections of Data Items, which can be edited directly and reused in different forms.


This app provides control over "local settings" of UNA site (choose default language from set of installed, traditional date and time formats, time when system starts to use "some time ago" expression instead of exact date) and translation of language keys and emails. There also possible to change header and footer of email templates in HTML format.

Application where operator may manage different combinations of the links (menus, sets and items). Menus use the sets, sets are compiled with items. Every item there can be setup to proper visibility (based on permission levels) and have own submenu from another set.


Area where possible to create / delete new levels, change their actions sets and configure different upload limits in the server (via limit of available space, number of files and maximum size per file). Every action may have own time interval when it will work.


Application where operator may see basic data of accounts (name, email, status, profile, last online) and perform mass or individual activation / deactivation, suspend, resending confirmation letter(s), deleting (with or without content). Also there is possible to reset password for every account and make him / her operator of the site.