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Language packages - here:German

The last days I translated UNA from english to german language.

Not so easy as I thought before... a lot of words and modules with xml-Files to change.

I use as help google translator in excel, but every word must controlled. And also the internal keys. Some are translated... not so good.

To test every changed version I need to install completely the language module new.

Not so easy over UNA Apps but I found the key with my language module in the table sys_modules.
I delete the key. And now I can install the Language over UNA App completely new.
It's a little trick.

In studio the image of my module is very small. I don't know why at the moment.

Best regards,

example see: https://inn-inet.de

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Comments (3)
    • Hello Michelle,
      You know, you do not need to go into the database, you can go through the developer module and recompile module by module or all in one, it is done for that.
      For example, you have finished (or even partially) to translate the xml file of the module "photo", you overwrite the original file and you recompile the module "photo" in your language.
      This has the effect of resetting all the keys contained and exactly as in your xml file that you have just translated.


      So you can from the english file and rename it, I take the example for French, fr.xml.
      And the first two lines of the file like this:

      <? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?>
      <resources name = "en" flag = "en" title = "french">

      But apparently you did it.

      : Just do not go wrong with the "recompile" button that will remove all your custom keys and that's very unfortunate.
      For the icon it is not mandatory, but the ideal is an icon.svg You can start from a .png and rework it and convert it with Inskape

      Here may be some useful information for you.
      I know it's a tedious job and the good news is that you have to update it for important updates.
      Well done, you did well ;-)

      • Hello Baloo. 

        Thanks for the information. I try this later. :)

        Myself I’m comming from Database servers. And so my first way ist often to look here and try to find out how the programs work. 

        But the develop module like you describe is a good way to test something. I try it first on a test domain I think. :-)


      • Hi, when i like to download the German Language Pack from the market, i get an Error, i need to do  a special setting?

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