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Release Schedule

Starting from UNA 10 we adopt a definitive update release schedule, which is designed to provide a better idea for when to expect future releases and to maintain a predictable release cycle. All updates will be classified as Major, Minor or Service, with the following timing:

1. Included updates may be adjusted at any stage to meet the deadline.

2. Show-stoppers and security fixes can be added at any stage and released outside of the schedule.

3. The final deadline is not movable. 

4. If some planned features are not ready before the deadline they are moved over to future updates. 

5. If known bugs are not fixed before the deadline, associated features are rolled back or follow-up fix is planned for the next update. 

6. Major releases always have public betas. 

7. Minor releases may not have public betas.

8. Service updates don’t have public betas but may have private betas.

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