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UNA 13 Alpha 1 and Alpha 2

UNA 13 Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 now available for download with hundreds of fixes and improvements. Please, note that this is NOT A PRODUCTION-READY release and it recommended for testing and pre-production sites only. If you choose to use it, switch to Beta-channel in UNA Studio and both updates will become available automatically.

We decided to release early builds now to keep UNA community informed and to allow time for developers to update/adapt their modules. UNA 13 and UNA 14 updates are planned to become two parts of a year-long UX-overhaul mission. We decided to go through every module, page, setting, language key... and revamp user-experience. The recent switch to TailwindCSS for styling prompted us to review everything and unify the UX of all the UNA's 80+ modules.

More on this in the video below:

What's new in UNA 13 Alpha 1

New modules:

System Enhancements:

  • Quill editor was added instead of TinyMCE as default system editor #3252
  • Standalone system Embeds provider #2773
  • More extended permissions control for Roles in group based modules #3332
  • Help links for form fields and blocks #3385
  • Page blocks cache #3369
  • Admin dashboard improvements #3252
  • Reports Dashboard enhancements #3508 #3496
  • Audit enhancements #3502
  • Admin notes for different content #3283
  • Separate membership action to 'delete all content' #3269
  • Menus: allow to use inline SVG and Emoji in Icons #3530
  • Menus: add possibility to mark a menu item as Primary #3514
  • Menus: independent hierarchy(multilevel) #2637
  • Emoji are now used in reactions #3535
  • Logging for transcoder which should help to identify issues with transcoding #3544
  • Transcoding queue now checks if video is really processing, before process could be just ended unexpectedly and stayed in the queue (works in linux only) #3546
  • Cron job now record last run time, how long did it take, how much memory to run for each cron job and logger #3268
  • New block similar to current Profile Stats block #3467
  • New block with site submenu #3524
  • New block with followed groups in short format #3468
  • New block with smaller cover for profile and group based modules (helpful when cover is disabled) #3510
  • New option to disable covers for whole site #3528
  • New option to optionally trust unsigned certificates or not verified hosts #3532
  • Paginate improvements #3064
  • Paginate in 'Viewed by' popup #3042
  • Badges improvements #3254
  • Comments: HTML5 uploader is now used instead of Simple one #3552
  • Location field enhancements #3486
  • Search by location enhancements #3284
  • Updated Login and Join pages #3555
  • New page layouts #3554 #3281
  • Remove Account menu item was moved to main submenu instead of More menu #3548
  • Composer is now used for plugins installation and update #3488

Modules Enhancements:

  • Text based modules: content pre-moderation #3282
  • Group based modules: more items for "Snippet Meta Info" menu #3304
  • Videos: allow to post video embeds #1858
  • Timeline: repost into different context #1931
  • Timeline: new option to control videos preload #3505
  • Timeline: Album preview now shows all images in bigger format #3553
  • Timeline: Improvements for Feeds and Sharing logic (continue) #2524
  • Accounts: send custom mail to selected accounts for admins #2933
  • Albums: ability to rearrange and move items between albums was added #2754
  • Albums: ability to delete image from view media page #3083
  • Payments: Stripe V3 now allows one-time payments without pre-created plans in Stripe #3534
  • Polls: image marked as "header image" is now displayed in polls browsing #3479
  • Analytics: make access to analytics page by membership action #3290

140+ total issues resolved

Release notes with links and assets for direct download can be found on UNA releases page.

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    • I have accidentally disallowed comments to this post originally. It's possible to comment now. Sorry about the mishap.

    • Excellent Andrey! Thank you for all the contributions to the UNA community! This makes me happy, UNA keeps getting better and better. Anxious to get my hands on the live video streaming app... :)

      • UNA 13 alpha is really good and yes I know you tell us not to use UNA 13 in production but the new features are hard to pass up if you're building a new website. You guys are creating some amazing software and I look forward to the next updates ;)

        • Tried installing http. And when I opened the site https, icons were not shown in the profile on the main page.

          I installed the site using the link https, but now the icons in the admin panel are gone.

          Am I doing something wrong?image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=47&dpx=1&t=1640614069

          • When is UNA 13 likely to become full production so that it is available to all users?

            • What is the current guess on 13?

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