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Next release (9.1) renamed to UNA 10.

The next update is far too big for a "Minor", so we decided to rename it to UNA 10. It may well be even more significant than UNA 9 was, so it's only fair to designate it as a Major update.

What to expect in UNA 10

Over 150 improvements and fixes will be included with the core and modules with significant improvements in performance, media management, default configuration, UX/UI and functionality in general. Some of the most notable additions include:

  • iOS, Android, Win and MacOS native apps to your UNA site, connected via "Nexus" UNA App.
  • Delayed video publishing.
  • Optimised Timeline/Feeds.
  • JOT.
  • Studio and templates design updates.
  • Direct media-attachments for Posts and Discussions (photo, video, file, mini-poll).
  • Dark/Light/Custom modes (via user-controlled Styles in templates).
  • Optimised Covers.
  • Improvements in Events, Albums, Notifications

Additionally, we are working on a systemwide multi-level labels system, which likely makes it into UNA 10 as well. 

The first upgradable Beta is planned for the 1st of June.

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